Time to Expand, and Time to Reap

The chicks are really growing. But they're not feathered out enough to go outside. What's a farmer to do? Consult with the Engineer.


The Engineer suggested adding on an annex to the current chick digs, to give the growing babies more space to spread out. So with a dog crate, cardboard and some packing tape, we stuck on another place for the chicks to roam. Brought back memories of building forts as a kid. This nearly doubled their square footage (with no pesky increase in property tax) and will take a little pressure off their interpersonal relationships. Chickens don't do well when crowded. Ask me how I know.


Ted even gave them a perch to play on in the annex. I think he's sweet on these chicks.

In other news, I spent all day struggling with my wireless router trying to get a newsletter published on the laptop, but I came out victorious. Watch your inbox for that latest bulletin. Tomorrow we meet the Snells of Spinderellas Fiber Creations -- I hope you can be with us to see the 2009 share fiber unveiled. If not, you know I'll keep you in the loop here.

Alpaca Fiber Harvest
The freshly shorn alpaca fiber - remember back in March?

The PayPal button to purchase 2010 shares will appear shortly on the website - be patient if you don't see it just yet. (This is an all-volunteer Army.) Because we have more fiber producing animals now, we will have a few more shares available this year than last year. Also, I am offering the option of shares of fiber blended with a couple of other local shepherds' best fiber, so that small producers without the wherewithall to market their fiber can get a little support. I think it's criminal when gorgeous fiber sits in a garage or barn somewhere close, because the shepherd or rancher doesn't know how to get it to the spinners who would love it with all their hearts!

It's an option, but not the only option for shares. You decide.

OK, must run tidy up the Red Barn for company tomorrow! So excited!!


  1. Just purchased my 2010 share of Jacob's Farm blended with other farmers. Very excited to finally be part of this adventure.

  2. I can't wait to play this afternoon! Also, I will be buying my 2010 share as soon as I can . . .


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