Time to Sharpen the Saw

Stephen Covey says in his book, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, that one of the things we need to do regularly is to stop, refresh, and regroup, much as a woodsman needs to top hacking at trees with dull blades in order to make better progress with a sharp one. Stopping to sharpen your saw takes time away from the task, but you make up the time and effort by working more effectively with a very sharp saw.

Today I found myself needing to stop struggling with this new Mac laptop that I love and find out what its problem was. Lately, it's been running slowly, and today it told me I had run out of hard disk space. Seriously? I've filled up a hard drive? I've never done that in my life. It wouldn't even let me download a few pictures from my camera. After losing several hours into the empty void of the time/space continuum trying to figure stuff out I had no business messing with, I ran up the white flag and called my friend, Matt. Matt is really good with computers, specifically, Macintosh computers. He took a good chunk of his evening to help me get sorted out. I owe you big time, pal. Thanks. The good news is that it's nothing a terabyte of external hard drive and a couple hours of file management won't solve. Whew.

Seems like there are several areas around the house and farm that have gotten a little neglected as we prepared for Saturday's big festivities. And it was worth it. But now it's time to sort out all those details so that we can move forward productively. I'll attempt the podcast again tomorrow that didn't want to work today. I'll tidy up the barn and get my bills paid. Lots of bookkeeping needs doing. Stuff that's easy to sweep aside in favor of the "fun stuff."

I did have a couple of visitors today: Joyce and her friend Katherine came by to see the farm and talk about all kinds of fibers. These ladies work with embellishing machines, which are really big needle-felters. Doesn't that sound like fun? They continued on with their fiber crawl up to Farmersville to see Diane at Fiber Circle and have lunch on the square. Lucky.

Then John and Peggy came up and hauled off the old broken down lawnmower that was junking up the area behind the studio. We're now rid of that eyesore. Thanks, guys! It took a good hour of elbow grease and freshmen physics (levers, pulleys, prayer) to get the thing in John's trailer, but in the end we succeeded. I feel a little lighter for it, tonight.

So, let's cast off all the junk (physical and digital) that's holding us back, and then move forward bold and unfettered! Free up some knitting time! What's dragging you down? Fix it!


  1. Reminds me of Hebrews 12:1.... *;)

  2. Got that right, K!

  3. Im glad you got your external hard drive! now to take more pictures.. go girl.. go haha
    to think, whats holding me back...

    umm I gotta do what I have in mind in the exact moment and finish it or else it gets forgotten!!

    I m scatter all the time trying to do everything in parts, when I pick something , then I see something else that needs done I let go of the previous task and so on


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