Saturday Caught on Tape

DD finally got a minute to put together a short video that quickly summed up the fun we had on Saturday. I think there's serious demand that we do this again, and not wait for a whole year to do it. We'll look ahead to the spring and see if we can pull it (or something similar) together again. It certainly was worth it. I so enjoyed spending time with my old friends and getting to meet lots of new friends. The weather couldn't have been more lovely, nor the stories more engaging, nor the music more inspiring the toes to tap.

I don't know if Alta is planning a side venture as a caterer, but she certainly has our recommendations if she does! Check out her blog for lots of incredible recipes.

I wanted to show you the lovely gift I received from David and Jean Cominolo. This beautiful leather door hanger with brass sleigh bells graces the door of the Little Red Barn, and I enjoy it every time someone comes in or goes out. David does very intricate leather work, and brought a cool hot pad project to work on while enjoying our day.

In fact, I made out like a bandit - Linda brought a darling floral centerpiece with wheelbarrow and a sheep, and my new friend Mea brought me some lovely gray mohair from her angora goats to try. Mary helped with some of the expenses, and very quietly helped sponsor the event. It felt like Christmas! And thanks to everyone to dropped in a couple bucks to help the animals' feed store needs. Sloppy sheep kisses all around.

And I want you to know that we really got our money's worth with our incredibly talented musicians and storytellers, as evidenced by the fact that they were the last ones to pull out of the driveway for the day - AFTER helping us disassemble the canopies! Now, that's service.

Thank you all for coming and for bringing wonderful food and playful hearts and welcoming arms for all our newcomers! I'll ride high on that day for quite a while to come.

What are you looking at, George - didn't you get enough stew?


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    LOL at your picture caption. It really WAS a great day! The stories, the music (with more stories), visiting with friends, and playing with fiber -- it's a recipe for a fantastic Saturday. And we got fed on top of it all! Pat yourself on the back for a great idea!

  2. Terri2:16 PM

    Great job DD! Having a tech savvy kid comes in quite handy doesn't it. Looks like it was a great day. Again, I'm so glad the weather opened up a window for you! Wish I could have been there... Next time!

  3. Here, here!! Wish I had half the talent that DD has--the video is great!! It was a perfect day! Can't wait to do it again.


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