Warp and Weft

I've only dabbled in the craft of weaving. For a short time I owned a beautiful four-harness floor loom, but only got a couple of pieces off of it. I've worked with a 7 ft. tri-loom, and produced three lovely shawls, but the last one I started has become wall art in my studio as it remains only two-thirds complete and stuck on the loom. I own a very nice rigid heddle loom, but it is currently loaned out to a friend because I've never gotten around to warping it.

So when Mary B. came to me and asked if I'd like to teach a class for her Winter Retreat, weaving was not the first thing to come to my mind.


And then I remembered a project that I learned from another fiber friend, Marlene. A long time ago, she helped us make small cardboard looms and we made small purses in just a short time, with scrap yarn. Like most yarn crafts, this wasn't at all complicated, (a fifth grader could do a wonderful job) and because the project was small, we all had the chance to complete it in a short amount of time without getting distracted by other shiny ideas. The fun thing is bringing your own artistic touch to the simple construction, and turning it into a work of art.


Now, it has been a while, and though the concept makes perfect sense, I've learned the hard way that I mustn't wait until the last minute and discover I've forgotten some critical concept or material. So, even though I have some big craft show deadlines looming (heh) I was inspired to at least get a "practice" cardboard loom warped and the weaving started. I'll be making my own teaching handouts, so I've been taking pictures as I go. I'm using the Noro Kureyon knock-off made by Plymouth, Boku yarn. I used some before for a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves, and I love the way the colors blend smoothly from one to another. This will show off nicely in the simple weave pattern. But it cries out for embellishment, once the weaving is complete.


Does this look like fun?

My class will be only one of many offered at the Winter Fiber Fun Retreat in Argyle, the first weekend in February 2010. (Mary's page about last year's retreat is here to give you an idea of what is coming.) Think about joining us - we had an absolute blast last year. The accommodations are very comfortable, the company divine, and the timing is perfect after the holiday let-down. Treat yourself!


  1. Darnit, I don't think I'm going to be able to go to the retreat this year . . . but perhaps I should get you to teach me the cardboard weaving thing for when you get bitten again by the weaving bug and want me to give your RH loom back to you! ;)

  2. Oh, I'm sure we'll be able to make that happen! It's fun! It's easy! A kid can do it! But they'd use icky yarn and we can make very elegant versions for ourselves :-)...

  3. You go girl!! Looking great so far.

  4. I want to learn too!!! I have A BUNCH of yucky yarn that my brother (who does not know the first thing about yarn) brought me back from Uragray!! It would probably flet nicely. But I have seriously A LOT to share!! :)


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