Working Like Santa's Elves

After this past weekend's success at the Huffhines Art Trails, it's clear that I am going to need more inventory. Hmmmm, how convenient - I need to work down my stash something fierce. This could work. I have two weeks to repopulate my virtual shop.

Both Laurie and I had good response at Huffhines to our fuzzy, multi-yarn scarves and hats, so I'm going back to keep a good thing going. I've been hoarding a big laundry basket of dozens of different autumn colored yarns, and now is the time to pull them out and whip up some gorgeous things: scarves, stoles, hats and cowls.

Kid-N-Ewe in Boerne is in three weeks, and that fest calls for a completely different kind of inventory, but I'll have to think about that tomorrow.

I love this kind of project - it works up fairly quickly, but looks and feels very luxurious with all the colors and textures working together. There's plenty of pleasure on my part, getting to sit down and surround myself on the couch with all that soft or sparkly fall loveliness. And then to be rewarded financially by someone who also values these qualities, well, that's just almost too good to be true.

Yes, it rained today, but you must be as tired as me of seeing pictures of the rushing creek and the puddles in the sheep pen. I did see something beautiful the other day in the wet pasture. It was worth slogging out there in the tall boots. They're saying sun for tomorrow.


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