2010 Fiber Year Bursts out of the Gate

The shortened days and the strong sense of a cycle completed, bring me to my favorite place of autumn contentment. To top it off, there's a week of sunshine forecast and that lightens my load immeasurably.

In the first three days of their availability, one third of the 2010 fiber shares have flown off the shelves (figuratively speaking)! New shareholder packets are going out. What a joy! And the 2009 shareholders are very close to enjoying this year's harvest. Now that my computer issues are temporarily addressed, I'm looking forward to getting my hands in that lovely roving myself.

My poor little hen who tangled with the bobcat last night is still with us, but we'll be calling her "Lefty" from now on. She kept up with the flock in their wanderings all day, so I am hoping for a good prognosis. Chickens can recover from some amazing injuries. It's not like any of them are laying much these days anyway. This is the season of rest.

Chicks enjoy the warm sunshine.

I couldn't handle it anymore, and I moved the new chicks outside to the trough-brooder. I will watch the temperature and see if we can keep them fairly warm overnight. And now that we know we have a bobcat in our neighborhood, I've put big rocks on top of the grate to keep them safe. But it was time for them to get out of the house.

Chicks bask in the warmth of the heat lamp overnight.

I'm a night owl, as you know, and I think I love this time of year best because more of my waking hours come after the sun has set, and evening is here. This is when my energy and creativity come out to play. Maybe I'll finally get to do some knitting after dinner tonight!


  1. Yay the babies are getting big!

    You and I are polar opposites - I am so NOT a night owl. Here I am, fighting to stay awake long enough to make it to a soccer game, and you're likely getting your second wind! :)


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