Boerne, Day 1

The Suburban is Stuffed - the Trailer, Too

We took our time getting out of town, what with animal chores, kid duties, etc. but finally pulled out after lunch sometime. The drive was fun, the conversation lively, and hours passed without our noticing. In fact, so much time passed that we lost track of our fuel level, and somewhere in the hill country, the truck stalled out in an intersection, and we were dead in the water.

Really. We ran out of gas. But we appealed to heaven, and heaven responded. We rolled through the intersection (mercifully, we were on a hill) and ALMOST into a gas station. We were hanging into the street, when many angels came to our rescue. Laurie rounded up four NHS students who were working a food drive, and a guy with a tow truck and chain, who pulled us up to the pump.

Nothing too dangerous, but an event full of enough adventure to suit us. Dinner at Taco Cabana and checking into the hotel went without incident.

Now, it's very early. We're supposed to start setting up the booth at 7 AM. Three ladies sharing one sink. At least there's coffee.

More later. Wool ahead!


  1. Never a dull moment with you three! I suggest assigning someone to watch the gas gauge besides Mary.

    Sounds like quite the adventure already.


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