Boerne, Day 2

The usual booth contents, along with some fiberlicious handspun goodness.

Man, last night was short. We turned in around 12:30 but had to pop up at 5:30 AM and begin setting up at 7 AM. I don't get going that bright and early at home. But we survived. We carried load after load after load of stuff from the trailer to our booth location and began the arduous journey toward booth beauty. It's arduous because we are three women who ALL know the right way to do things. Ahem.

My crocheted tam and feather/leather/felt pin, and Laurie's "neckit" scarf.

But we survived that, and enjoyed a half day of educating shoppers about Fiber CSAs, and circular sock knitting machines. Even made a couple of sales.

Wall O'Goodness

I love reuniting with fiber friends from all over the state, and beyond, that I only see once or twice a year. There are squeals and hugs and how-have-you-beens. We catch up on the latest developments on the fiber fronts. Today was extra special because my dear sister in law, Lynne, drove over from San Antonio to see the booth and the show. She once was a spinner and knitter and weaver, and appreciates fiber in many forms. We hooked her up with a nice scarf pattern and yarn, and we'll work on it over a lovely glass of wine when our families meet for Thanksgiving this year.

Me and my SIL, Lynne - love her!

Tomorrow, the Fest shifts into high gear. We expect a lot larger crowd than we saw today. In addition to manning the booth, I'll be taking a class in the afternoon about sheep and goat care, including how to do your own fecal exams. Holy moly, be still my heart. Parasitology for Dummies. I'll let you know how it goes.

Boerne, Day 2 ended with a really tasty Mexican dinner with a big group of raucous fiber buddies. I splurged and had a beer with my enchiladas. I know it's not midnight, but I may have to hit the hay anyway--this long day and my Miller Lite have caught up with me. Way happy and beat, me.


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