Boerne, Day 3

Saturday is the busy day at the Kid N Ewe Fiber Festival. Folks pour in from all over Texas and neighboring states to visit their favorite vendors and attend classes in spinning, knitting, felting, animal husbandry and more. It's a big Old Home Week for me, re-connecting with all the spinning and knitting and sheep and alpaca pals I've made over the last eight or nine years. And meeting new friends.
Jeannie Wells, of Wellspring Alpacas, my new alpaca friend.
Mary B. is bringing home one of Jeannie's boys, Rascal.

Rhonda Selser and Susie Stretton taught us how to use a microscope to do our own fecal exams for parasites in the sheep and alpacas.
Can you say, Poop Patrol?

Our pal Kay stimulated the fiber economy today. Go girl.

Spinning circles popped up all over the place in little corners of the buildings. Kay, MaryAnn, Laurie, Cora and Joanne enjoy a little fiber and conversation.
And a giant bag of trail mix.

Happy booth visitors take JRF spindles home.

Hotel yarn winding adventures.

Tomorrow is the last day of the festival and then we head the truck back up the highway. They're forecasting rain on the other end, so the unloading and animal installing might be kind of interesting. You know I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. It's 11 p.m. Sunday night, end of your "day 3." We had horrific rain earlier (which I'm sure you know by now) . . . but sure hope you all made it ok and are unloaded safely. Really hope you're tucked into bed and are deep in the arms of Morpheus. Good night.


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