Bringing in the Sheaves

The 2009 Harvest has officially been divvied up for our shareholders! This evening, four faithful Shareholders came to the Red Barn to help with the honors. Laurie, Chris, Mary and Brenda converged around the table to weigh all the fiber, label and bag it, and dole it out into sacks for the rest of our farm family.

We had such a blast. Laurie taught how to best unwind the large bumps that come from the processor. Chris, the scientist, weighed and did tricky math stuff. Mary got choked up and weepy at the sight of the fiber, but managed to weigh out shares. Brenda got carried away and tried to sneak out with fiber under her shirt and arms. And there was no alcohol in sight! We laughed and laughed, prompted only by our congenial fellowship and our warped senses of humor.

So, if you are local and want to pick up your fiber, let me know. Otherwise, I'll assume that if you're not really close to me, you will need your fiber mailed to you. It's on its way!

More photos of this raucous evening can be found on my Flickr page. Next year, you'll want to be here!


  1. Ohhhhhhh, that brown stuff looks delicious. I might have to reconsider my boycott of all rovings brown.

  2. I hope it arrives in WA soon!


  3. Cindy!! and girls, it looks like so much fun!!
    good job everyone!


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