Crafting our Guts Out

And I mean that in a fun, wholesome way.

We really love to make things. And we have large stashes from which to pull our materials. A craft fair gives us a deadline and helps force us to sit down and play with all that yarn we bought and looked forward to using. We produce basically two types of items: 1) quick-and-easy things like scarves and even some hats, that bring in good income but don't take a ton of ingenuity, and 2) things like Laurie's felted purses that each represent dozens and dozens of hours of creative work, and command a nice price.

I also get a chance to visit with people and tell them about the farm and the fiber adventure. Actually, Laurie is our best advocate. She's so good at chatting up the shoppers and igniting a spark of curiosity about the farm. We may have hooked a couple of knitting students, too!

I think these craft fairs, as much work as they entail, are good for us. We stay active as fiber artists, and get a little monetary reward for our efforts. And put a healthy dent in the stash excesses.

It's all good.


  1. Fun day, Cindy! And yes, it's all good. Thank you, Mary Berry for movin'-and-a-shakin'!


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