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Guess it's time to start thinking about Christmas, eh? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and the special time with family focuses me on the next holiday coming up a month hence. As I've mentioned, usually my Christmas prep is well underway by now, but this year, I've been busy with fiber. And I don't regret it at all.

That's OK, there's still time to be thoughtful and intentional. And goodness knows I have enough raw materials in my studio to keep Santa's elves busy for a decade. So here's the first project that is destined to go under the tree:

Remember the basket I knitted at the Cat Bordhi class?

That was before. This is after:

I still don't really trust my front loading washer, so I felted this in my kitchen sink by hand. It really wasn't so bad. Turn on an audiobook and set the timer for 15 minutes. Twice. That's all it took. Pretty fun, yes? The pattern is in Cat's book, "A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting." Pair the book with Cat's YouTube how-to videos (she has dozens), and you'll be set to whip out some cute little baskets of your own.

In fact, I plan to spend Black Friday up to my neck in handmade projects, leaving the shopping to those who feel called to stimulate the economy. Care to join me by the fire with your needles and a warm beverage?


  1. Terri7:29 PM

    That looks great! Can't believe you did the felting by hand. I was worried about my front loader too, but not enough to do it by hand. ;-) So far, it's working better than my top loader!

  2. Love the basket!!! I might need the "recipe" (heh) for that one.

    I'll be spending most of Friday with some out-of-town friends who are in for the Cowboys game, but Saturday and Sunday? I'm totally getting crafty.


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