Fruitful Friday

Fun day in the sun today! My friend Donna came over to help tame the garden. We're going to try to get some spinach or other cool season veggie coming up in there before the cold weather arrives in force.

Saw lots of bugs in the garden and around the house today - must be the awesome sunshine bringing them out. (Spider warning - Bug #3 has eight legs.)

Tomato horn worm is predated by beneficial wasps in the garden.
This green guy won't get Ted's tomatoes anymore.

I'm sure this thing has a name, but I'm too beat to look it up. He's about 2 inches long and kind of ferocious looking. But I'm sure he's sweet.

And here's our lovely garden spider, having a grasshopper for brunch.
She also was guarding the tomatoes.

Ended the evening setting up another craft fair booth at Plano West Senior High - the Snowflake Bazaar. As usual, Laurie is the artistic eye of the group and puts the finishing touches on the merchandising scheme. If you're in the neighborhood all day tomorrow and Sunday afternoon, come on by!

Gonna hit the hay - the day has whooped my backside. 'Night!


  1. Great bug pics!! Also, thanks for the Spider Warning . . . I closed my eyes for that bit.

    I'm also thinking about doing some planting this weekend . . . I may do spinach and some cool-weather herbs like dill and cilantro.

  2. Wow, that is a big spider! And that middle pic, it looks like a stink bug...don't squish it!


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