Good Out, Good In

The 2009 Fiber Shares that need to travel to distant points have been lovingly packed, taped and sit ready for their trip to the Post Office. This is a watershed moment for our little fiber CSA. A few more local shareholders have not yet come by for their fiber, but technically, the 2009 year is ended and the 2010 has begun!

The first Act of 2010 will be a Sheep Naming Contest.

After a week here, I've been able to observe the two new Jacob sheep and I can tell you a little about them. The one with the dark face is the more dominant of the two. He is the most inquisitive and the least shy of being around people. Oddly enough, he has not made a peep (or baaaa) since he's been here - totally silent.

The white-faced boy is much more stand-offish, but the most vocal. He also likes to hop up into the compost pile where grass has begun to grow. Not sure if he really likes the grazing there better, or if he is just pining for the Rocky Mountains, and pretending to be a Big Horn Sheep. Ah - and he has one blue eye. Cool, huh?

As you probably know, all our animals have Biblical names; Old Testament or New Testament, doesn't matter. We do prefer the "good guy" names over the notorious character names. Lord knows we don't need to encourage any notorious behavior around here.

So here's the deal: The next two NEW folks who purchase a 2010 share will have the opportunity to name either of these boys. If someone new buys TWO shares, they may name them both. This might lend itself to some interesting choices of names that go together. Makes sense, as the two boys are sticking pretty close together so far. If the new shareholder wishes not to do any naming, the honors will shift to the NEXT new shareholder.

Our shareholders last year did such a fantastic job of naming the Gulf Coast Native lambs, I can't wait to see what happens this year!

Edited to add Very Important Link to CSA page.


  1. Ohhh, look at all that fiber going out. I will tell you, it is wonderful and you all will love it!

  2. ohhh- did we win, did we win?

  3. Tasha, are you supposed to know about this? I hope so, because YOU ARE A WINNER!!! E-mail me with your chosen sheep and chosen name!! Woohoo!!

  4. well, I guess I'm not supposed to but I do. He knows I do - I'm most excited about it. We have to think about it. Can you give me a day or so?

  5. Absolutely! Take your time - this is a Big Deal!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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