I've Been Offline, AKA Purgatory

Sorry for my lack of a blog post last night - I'm trying to solve a technical problem with my wireless router, which also involves the DSL modem. You know how it goes, you talk to the ISP people who blame it on the hardware. The hardware people say their equipment is working just fine, thank you very much - go back to the ISP folks.

All told, I've wrestled with this issue for the past 6 or 7 waking hours. And in the end, I'm just going to keep using the equipment and set up as before, and hope that the wire-wiggling and internal setting adjustments will somehow make all things new.

But I need to be working on creating more inventory for this weekend's craft fair at Plano West Senior High School - the Snowflake Bazaar. So, I'll post this, and then head to the needles to create some fluffy confections for the inventory. I also want to get started dividing up the CSA shares! We've finally got the fiber back into our hands, and I want to get it into yours!

Oh yes, we had a naughty visitor last night - a bobcat tried three times to get into the chicken coop out front. I got a good look at it with my flashlight from the porch. The first time it managed to grab a chicken and tear up her wing a bit, but we scared off the cat before any life-threatening damage was done. Ted and I tried to fortify the protections in the coop with more wood pieces to block the cat's reach. Twice more it terrified the hens and we had to come out and chase it off. Finally, the bobcat gave up and went somewhere else for a snack. All this while I was in the house, trying unsuccessfully to get my wireless router to do its job. Kind of a frustrating evening.

But today is another beautiful day, and I'm not going to waste it cussing things I can't control. So, I'm out to have a good day and I pray you do too!


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Wow, a bobcat? That's kinda scary! I suppose as the weather cools, the predators come in increasing frequency in search of food? Yikes. I hope you have a better day!

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Hope you chicken is all right. Peggy aka alpacamama

  3. Wonder if it was that bobcat that came around a few weeks ago.... load up the pellet gun!


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