Kid N Ewe Wrap Up

Really blurry picture of a lovely six-point buck we saw right outside our hotel parking lot.
Love the Hill Country fauna!

Ruth, me and Paula - we all own Jacob sheep!

At least nine Texas Twisters traveled to Kid N Ewe this year.
A few of us were in the same place, at the same time for a photo.

Recovering today from a great time in Boerne. After packing up the booth at about 3 PM and driving up the back roads to Dallas, we pulled up to the farm around 10:45 - it was dark, but miraculously not raining.

We had a little excitement when I looked through the window of Mary's Suburban into the yard and saw that all the alpacas and sheep had escaped through a gate that had blown open. But with very little coaxing, everyone went back into their pasture - I think they were a little disconcerted about finding themselves out of their familiar spot, and were happy to go back. (No pictures of this little escapade. We had our hands full.)

The new sheep, as expected, needed to be coerced out of the trailer, down the driveway and into the pen around the back of the Red Barn. I'm so grateful that Jacobs aren't big animals. And these beautiful two-horned boys have great "handles" growing out of their heads! They spent the night in their new stall, able to meet and greet their new herd, though they were separated by the stall divider. This morning I visited with them a bit. They are ultra shy, and will need lots of socialization. But aren't they pretty?

They need Jacob's Reward Farm names. Hmmmm...

Mary, Laurie and I recorded some of the stories of our Boerne adventure on our way home, and I'll have that formatted as an official podcast episode soon. Stay tuned. Tomorrow night we'll divide the 2009 shares up, and Saturday we'll spin together!

The cold front that blew in last night is just what I needed to inspire me to launch some warm, woolly adventures - how about you?


  1. The new sheep are really pretty!

    Glad you all had a good time at K&E

  2. Ohhhh, the new guys are gorgeous!! I can't wait to meet them . . . (though tonight by the time we all get there it will be dark, thanks to the time change that I'm still somewhat resenting).

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Love your new babies. Can't wait to see them. Alpacamama

  4. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Don't know how to announce myself on this site, but I just had to comment on the new boys. They're marvelous!!! The very 1st raw fleece I bought was a Jacob's multi colored one. I almost went crazy separating all the colors and their variations. From then on, I only buy fleeces from sheepies that are solid colors. I just can't bring myself to blend all those different shades into one... ;)

    The boy on the left of the photo reminds me of the guardians of Ra in the movie Stargate, with his perfectly shaped helmet and the shield on his chest.

    Donlee Acres
    Cedar Creek, TX

  5. Hi CJ - thanks for stopping by! I keep thinking the guy with the white face looks like the graphic from the movie, "Amadeus." His horns look like some kind of French military hat or something!

    These two guys NEED NAMES! Watch for a contest coming up!


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