I'm really resting this weekend. Didn't even get out of my slippers today! Visiting with family, moving slowly, noshing the Thanksgiving leftovers (my Number One Favorite Meal of the Year) and enjoying lots of fun knitting. I started the Cat Bordhi Moebius Cowl with a large ball of Cascade Eco Wool in green. I was using some red Lopi yarn tied into loops for stitch markers, and as I started out, it looked like I was making a Christmas wreath! As I type, the cowl is only two rows from being complete, so I should be able to give you the Big Reveal tomorrow.

And speaking of the Big Reveal, we have the first Jacob sheep named in our current contest! Our newest new shareholder, Tasha, has dubbed our black-faced boy "Jethro" - after Moses' father in law (see Exodus 3:1). It's quite a distinguished name, as long as you don't think Beverly Hillbillies. I'm hoping our Jethro takes more after the Priest of Midian, and less after the millionaire with a cement pond.

One more new sheep to be named! Who will be our next new shareholder?


  1. Glad to hear you're getting some rest - you deserve it! Happy post-Thanksgiving!


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