Scenes from the Day

Today we enjoyed the largest turnout for our spinning group yet. Eighteen of us in a big circle, holding five or six different conversations at the same time. And lots of beautiful fiber twisting onto wheels:

We did lots of show and tell, and recounted stories from the big weekend in Boerne.

The treat of the day: I swung a barter deal with my friend Kay of Cordova Studios for the knockout Clapotis shawl she knitted. The colors in this Noro Silk Garden wrap are good enough to eat, and it fit me perfectly!

My pictures of the new Jacobs didn't come out well today, but here's the best I could pull off. You'll notice that all four sheep are together, and getting along reasonably well! That's a big load off of my mind. Feeding time will go smoother if the species' are kept separate.


  1. Look at those new babies! Cute. And that wrap is gorgeous. Good score!

  2. Jacob newbie...why do the horns and fleece look so different if they're all Jacobs?

  3. The cool thing about Jacobs is that they are really individual, within some boundaries. Jacobs can have 2 or 4 horns and sometimes more (those are really weird looking).

    Our first two, Tommy and Israel, are 4-horned, though Israel lost most of his 2 left horns last fall in frisky play with Tommy. Our new boys have two horns, which curl down like lots of other sheep breeds.

    Our first boys are not great examples of Jacobs, in that their fleeces are not spotted much - Tommy is mostly white, and Israel is mostly black. Right now, they're mostly *dirty* from our long rainy season. The new boys show cleaner fleece from being on nice non-muddy pastures, and are also more typically spotted. Make sense?


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