Spinderella Comes to Visit

Shareholders Liz and Chris were able to come to the farm today to help me welcome Lynn, Jim and Deanie of Spinderella's Fiber Creations, the processors who made lovely yarn and rovings out of the wool and alpaca fiber we sent them. As I suspected, we hit it off like old friends reunited after a long absence. What precious people!

Jacob's Reward Meets Spinderella's Fiber Creations

We introduced them to the alpacas, sheep and chickens, and heard all about their weekend at the dog show. Their dogs won some ribbons, which Deanie proudly displayed.

"Binks," the Ribbon-Winning Briard

The Alpacas Have Never Seen a Briard Before

Deanie and Shadrach Regard One Another

I didn't mean for the fiber to be an afterthought (regardless of how Chris describes the CSA), but we got to visiting, and afterward, I realized that we hadn't even had the bags open to get a squoosh! Now, that's distracted!

Mounds of 2009 Fiber CSA Lusciousness

I have since corrected that oversight and put my hands into the bags. Let me just say, you will not be disappointed.


  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Very, very exciting! Wish I could have been there. Can hardly wait to get my own fiber into Lynn's hands! Hope I'll have a chance to feel yours before it disappears!

  2. So sorry I missed the day! I cannot wait to get my share on the wheel.....Thanks Lynn!!!

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I love the use of the word "squoosh". Definitely needs to be used more often, in my opinion! :) Sounds like a fun time!


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