To Everything, There is a Season

The weather tells us the seasons are changing here in North Texas. And this... is Spinach Season. We're fortunate that things still grow in the garden here, much longer than in other parts of the country. I planted some spinach almost two weeks ago, and it's coming along beautifully. I planted a ton, and intend to thin the seedlings for salad fixings, allowing the remaining plants to mature to full size.

Today the spinners gathered at the Red Barn for another day of visiting and creating. You can always tell if the spinners are holed up in the Barn because they leave clues, especially on muddy days.

We met new friends, Nancy and Evie, and were also joined by Jennifer and Claire, who had been to the farm before, but not for spinning day. Evie and Mary hit it off immediately!

Rita filled two bobbins, Brenda drop-spindled beautifully, Mary knit on her granddaughter's sweater, Jennifer worked on a very cool scarf, Peggy spun some gorgeous wool, Chris knitted along as Nancy entertained little Evie. Me? I hovered, Navajo plied some bamboo singles, and mostly relaxed. It's been a busy, busy couple of weeks, and I enjoyed not doing very much at all. There was plenty of food, so there were times when most of us were just noshing!

Most everyone got a gander at the new Jacobs, who, by the by, need names. I feel a contest coming on....


  1. A great time was had by all. Thanks, Cindy, for hosting this every month! And I'm glad I made a new friend. What a sweet baby. Evie and I are BFFs I think. xoxo

  2. It was one of those magical days at Jacobs Reward Farm! I just didn't know where the time went. Wonderful day....thanks Cindy!! :)

  3. Sounds like another great day at the farm!


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