Wonderful Wednesday

The day started with some funky low-lying clouds out in the pasture.


But I had work to do, so off to my spinning I went to hobnob and crochet with my cronies. I brought some of the 2009 share fiber for the ladies to smoosh and snorgle, before I send it off to the shareholders. Sharon gave it her vote of approval. And Sharon knows about voting. She's the county election administrator. So her opinion is to be trusted. Be guided by her endorsement.


When I got home I noticed our crippled chicken is still doing well, considering she got gnawed on a couple of nights ago by a bobcat. I sprayed her with Blu-Kote which will help her heal, and will keep the other chickens from picking on her wound. Chickens can be so mean.


In the waning fall days, our landscape constantly changes. The Fall Asters are just a brief purple treat, and then they fade.


But the Mexican Mint Marigold is going strong, both with its vibrant yellow blossoms, and also with its pungent anise fragrance. I think you can make a tea with this stuff, but I don't know how.


Still preparing for the Snowflake Bazaar this weekend and Kid-N-Ewe the next. Farmers don't know much 'bout vacations.

Hope your Wednesday was incredible.


  1. Yessir, Yessir, three bags full!! I know there's more, and that's a good thing. Hey I saw Sharon on the news recently! Lookin' good, Ms Voting Queen!! Sorry I missed spinning again, and sorry I missed running through those low clouds. See you at Snowflake...

  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Picture of red barn was neat! Alpacamama


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