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Our 2 New Jacob Wethers - Coming Home With Us from Boerne!

The Kid N Ewe fiber festival in Boerne will be upon me very soon. So now that the other craft fairs are behind us I can shift my focus. The other fairs were targeted to the general public who are looking for fun gifts for the holidays. But KNE is all about fiber - the people who adore it, the animals who grow it, and the millions of crafts that employ it. My inventory is almost completely different for a sheep and wool show than for a general craft fair. I try to minimize the acrylic and novelty yarns in favor of the wool, alpaca, mohair and plant fibers. Mmmmmm, just saying the words is a sensory experience...

We got back some gorgeous white alpaca/Jacob yarn from Spinderella's Fiber Mill a couple of weeks ago. Our in-house color expert, Laurie, spent the day dyeing some of that yarn. She has a bunch of her own hand-spun yarn dyed, too, so hang on to your wallet if you visit our booth. This is the only warning you'll get.

I'll also have my Babe double-treadle production wheel there as a demo if anyone wants to order a Babe wheel. I finally got around to customizing mine a bit - I have wanted for months and months to paint the raw wood of the treadles and flyer a shiny, fire engine red. Got it done today. Still considering whether or not to put flames on the treadles, as a statement of my hip edginess. (It's easier than a tattoo.)

Trickin' Out the Wheel

As you know, we farmers are slaves to the weather. It's been so lovely the past week or two, and looks to be nice even through next week, that I grabbed the chance to put some spinach seeds down in the beds that pal Donna cleared for us. I hope we'll have some salad makings in 4-6 weeks!

Embryonic Spinach Plants

Tomorrow, more inventory production. I hope to have some trinkets completed to show you then.


  1. Cindy, Those Jacobs are gorgeous! And I love the Red Raider Babe! Now, I'll dream of how to hang all that yarn in Boerne, and of munching fresh, tender, organic spinach leaves.

  2. You should TOTALLY put flames on those treadles!

    And the new sheepies are beautiful . . . any idea what their names will be?

    The yarn (I almost typed "yearn", ha) is also beautiful, and it makes me weep a little that I don't get to go down to Boerne . . .

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Those Jacobs are just stunning! Wow! Your yarn is beautiful, too! Looking forward to the weekend and bringing home our beautiful new animals!

  4. Flames are a must!! Go for it. Love the parti-wethers. Is that what you call two-tone sheep? That's what you call two-tone poodles and dachshunds, I know.

  5. My sister....born to be wild! *;)

  6. Those new Jacobs are so beautiful!!
    And I am loving the red w/ flames!! Definately a must!!


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