Yesterday's Fog

We woke yesterday to a misty landscape.... an otherworldly haze obscured from view anything more than 50 feet away. Lots of moisture hung in the air. Great picture-taking weather. I caught the sheep looking particularly forlorn in the dampness.

Check out the incredible beaded, hand-spun shawl hanging from my hackberry tree...
Last week, when all the leaves blew away, I saw again the back of my neighbors' houses and heard their lively conversation -- muffled, but audible -- without the curtain of foliage that separates us most of the year. These are the sights and sounds of autumn at Jacob's Reward. I get the opposite of claustrophobia - I am delighted at the quiet, empty spaces opened up by the wind and the naked branches.

Today, I scored a big hit for the farm: I found a fellow not far from here who had 60 bales of hay for sale for a very, very good price. I spent the afternoon tracking down some help for unloading, because this fellow offered to drive the hay over here. What a blessing. Got so busy chucking hay bales that I missed the photo op. We did have fun - the bales were light enough for us to toss them around and look like real hay-chucking farmers. The sight of a full hay barn gives me a peaceful, satisfied feeling. We're good for the winter.


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Beautiful web! Wow! And a beautiful picture there, Miss Photographer! Glad you found some hay. Even better that he delivered! We managed to get 19 bales home today, and I'm thinking about going back for 19 more on Friday. The unanswered question is: Will the rabbits eat it? or will I be hunting down some coastal?

  2. There seems to be lots of people selling it up around your area. This was a fluke (gift from GOD!) that someone in my proximity had hay. What a load off my mind! I am THANKFUL!


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