Chicken Run - Alvarado, Texas

Mary Berry and I took a quick road trip yesterday to each pick up a new batch of laying hens. (As you know, our new Chicken Sponsor program is helping our farm increase egg production this coming spring.)

We found young Daniel on Craig's List with lots of chickens for sale in Alvarado, and we headed out to see which of his little pullets would meet our needs. Daniel is a budding entrepreneur, and we wanted to support his business.

I chose ten Rhode Island Reds as good all around laying hens. Mary likes variety, and chose a few RIRs, some Americaunas, and some Barred Rocks. I loaded mine in a spare dog crate, Mary loaded hers in a spare bunny cage, and we were set.

Some of Daniel's personal chickens came to bid farewell to the little girls.

After a short, uneventful drive home, I installed the new layers into the "Coop de Ville," which graces the south pasture. My plan is to let them settle in and get a little bigger, and then teach them how to free range during the day and come home at night. This spring, we should have a good supply of farm fresh eggs for sale.

You can sponsor one of these sweet chicks through our Chicken Sponsorship program, available for $50 (certificate and card for 10 dozen eggs), or, Egg Lover's Cards are available for $35 (card for 10 dozen eggs). See this past post for full details.

Ah, a new Christmas tradition is born... the Christmas Chickens... Maybe they need little red hats?


  1. Oh, I love RIRs! I miss my chickens! *;)

  2. love those fresh eggs. I feel a chicken sponsorship coming on.


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