Christmas Comfort

This was the weekend for Christmas parties. It's kind of nice that they were all bunched up together, but I'm exhausted! DH and I did have some serious fun. Last night was his office party, and I scored a nice prize - a gold coin for shopping at Northpark Mall. Now, I don't really like malls, especially around Christmas, but I may have to go apply this windfall to the purchase of an iTouch, which was on my wish list. I'm a techno-junky, don't ya know?

Then tonight, we attended the church vestry (board) party at our priest's house and had the usual glorious time. We can always count on excellent food, good company and a really fun gift exchange.

I sink into the warm comfort of spending holiday time with people I've known for years, and with whom I share a foundational understanding of the world. We've been through thick and thin together, and a party like this is occasion for some precious closeness. And silliness. Tons of silliness.

I pray that you enjoy some time of nearness and comfort with your own special community during this holiday time. I'm so thankful that our group of farm friends is developing that kind of tight-knit friendship, if you'll pardon the pun. You are part of God's gift to me, and I hope you receive from me and the farm when you visit.

Shalom! Peace!


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