Christmas Prep - Finally

The last arts festival is behind me, and I can finally focus on my favorite season of the year: Christmas. Except I usually like to really take my time, especially on the gifts. I like to spend some focused attention matching up recipients with handmade or store-bought gifts. But this year, because of the farm and developing the CSA, the time has gotten away from me. (A sound investment of time that I do not at all regret!)

Lookie! A red-headed shepherdess!

Now we all know that the Spirit of Christmas--the real Spirit--has very little to do with stimulating the economy, or stressing out about getting things "perfect." It has to do with being quiet, hushing the strife, with listening, stepping out of the flow of the zeitgeist. Because of Christmas, we're relieved of all the vain toiling to be "good enough," and given Grace as the best gift of all. We respond by loving our friends and family like we'd like to be loved.

So with the little time left before the big day, I'll need to heed the advice I got from a friend at church Sunday: Keep it Simple.

Tonight after supper, we pulled the few boxes down from the attic and set about decorating. It doesn't take long because there's so little room around here to put things out. This is one of the few times I miss my larger house in the suburbs. Tomorrow after the rain stops, I'll get the garland and lights up on the porch, and the wreath and garland up on the front gate. We'll tell the world that we believe in Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men.

Yeah, I got this one at Tractor Supply. Honest.


  1. I love your tree and keeping it simple idea.

  2. Yay for Christmas decorating!


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