Exotic Goodies from Faraway Lands

Today the mailman brought Christmas boxes from Hawaii and Idaho - from my sister and from my mother-in-law. Both sent the usual treasured treats from their own particular areas. My sister loads us up every year with chocolate covered macadamia nuts, Hawaiian coffee and other funky local treats, and my mother-in-law sends along some of her homemade raisins, fruit leather and raspberry jam. This year she also sent some hand-hulled walnuts, and what looks to be a huge box of chocolates. Oh, my.

Let the feasting begin.

I think I'm going to need to put this stuff in a vault or safety deposit box, and dole it out very sparingly - especially to myself. I'm hearing a very dim voice telling me something... something about exercise and moderation.... very dim....


  1. Sorry Sis! You'll just have to share them! Mele Kalikimaka! *;)

  2. Rats! (And thanks, Karelin, AGAIN! So wonderful!!!)


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