Good to the Last Drop

Confession time. I drink instant coffee. I know, I know, I can hear you moan - don't judge me. Instant is quick and easy, and I'm a busy girl. But it's not coffee, you say. Right, I'll give you that. I'm reminded every time I run by Starbucks while running errands, or when sitting down with a friend. "Oh yes," I sigh, "real coffee."

This past weekend I got real coffee every day while we were visiting my sister-in-law. She reminded me that real isn't that much more trouble, and I was worth it. Enjoying the moment is worth it. With my busyness set aside for a bit, I could see how I had been missing out on the little moments in life that add richness and depth.

So I bought myself an electric tea pot to heat my water (no more nuking), dusted off my little French press, and opened up the package of lovely German coffee my SIL sent home with me. Mmmm-mmm, good. I'll need a little practice to get the balance of coffee and water right, but it is really nice. I'm working on getting into a new habit. Turning over a new leaf. Taking a little better care of myself, so that ultimately, I'll have more to give back.

What other little moments of life are slipping by us that we will miss someday?


  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    So true! So true! It was freezing cold when I went out to feed last night, so I started with the goats-sheep-alpacas-dogs and ended with the bunnies in the toasty building we share. Sometimes I take Cassie out and just hold her on my chest and pet her because she's so soft and cuddly!

  2. Isn't it great to have at least one critter who loves to cuddle? My Shadrach is like that. He really acts like a dog. That's where I go when it's snorgle time.

  3. Terri7:43 AM

    C'mon. did you photoshop that "Jacobs" on that coffee package or what? How special is that?

  4. I *know*! I promise that's for real!

  5. You are gonna LOVE your electric kettle! I have one that I use a)everyday when I make my Thermos Oatmeal to carry to work for breakfast and 2)whenever I fancy a cup of tea or other hot-water-needing beverage. It's faster than the microwave, and I love the cute little "clunk" it makes when it's done.

  6. Mine whistles! I can't tell you how many times I've almost ruined my Aunt's antique copper kettle by letting it boil dry! That's one reason I quit using it. But now, I'll hear this little thing and stay on track.

    My other trick was heating water in the microwave and forgetting it. This one doesn't have a reminder "ding" like my old one, so I was forever getting sidetracked and finding my cup in there hours later, cold as a stone :-P.

    I'm getting my act together slowly but surely. Now if I just had another 6 or 7 weeks before Christmas to tackle that stuff, I'd be set. ;-)

  7. My coffee has always been my little indulgence. I buy those fancy Kona blends. It's decaf (which some peoples say isn't real coffee either), but with a little half and half, it's heaven. I have a machine with a timer, so its beeps doubles as my alarm clock, 6:30 on the dot! Knowing it's waiting for me helps me get out of bed. And the carafe is thermal so it stays hot (all day if I let it) without using power.
    So, by all means, take care of yourself, Cindy! You deserve it! *;)

  8. Real coffee is so wonderful. And making it at home is cheaper than Starbucks, so you can feel frugal! Those french presses give such body to the coffee too. Love them. We use an automatic drip (John's not fond of the grit that french presses leave - that's all I used when we first were together) and we use it every day. It saves me from the alternatives a)office coffee - blech or b)Starbucks. Good for you!

  9. I think that coffee really is much better in the french press than a drip machine. It is just as easy as instant and oooo la la!!!


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