It's Here: The "Chicken Sponsorship" Program

This brilliant idea actually came from a beloved shareholder. And for her and other egg lovers, we are proud to unveil a new and wonderful program here at Jacob's Reward: Chicken Sponsorship.

Here's how it works:
We buy a ready-to-lay pullet and feed her for a year. You get a Sponsor Certificate (suitable for framing!) and a card with ten punch spaces on it. I'll punch your card once for every dozen eggs you get this next laying season. You get first priority when the eggs start coming and the demand rises. You can name your chicken if you like, but I plan for them all to look pretty much the same, for reasons I'll be happy to explain to you, away from the children or the tender-hearted.
Cost: $50 the first year. If you sponsor a chicken again in subsequent years, the cost will be $30.

Egg lovers who don't necessarily want to sponsor a chicken can also buy an "Egg Lovers" card and get ten dozen eggs for $35. Present your card for a punch and get a dozen eggs.

Folks who purchase their eggs a dozen at a time will pay the usual $4/dozen.

I'll actually be buying a flock of about ten pullets, so the sponsorships are limited. I will update the website soon with the information and a PayPal button. When it's ready, it will be here: Jacob's Reward Farm Pasture Fresh Egg Page. You can e-mail me with your interest in the meantime, and I'll have your card ready.

Good news in the interim: our Wyandottes are back to laying fairly well. I'm getting 4-6 eggs a day again. If any 2009 shareholders still need to pick up their free dozen, please see me soon. My goal is to get up to a couple dozen a day at the peak of the season.

I think the chickens will be happy to know how much you love them. It's easy for them to feel upstaged by the fiber bearers with the soft, fuzzy faces.


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