Jack Frost

Looks like winter is here to stay. Trouble is, Mary and I had one more outdoor craft fair this season, yesterday. I jumped up early to get the critters fed and situated and took a couple of minutes to enjoy the frosty sights.

Solomon dramatically demonstrates how alpaca fiber insulates against the cold - his body heat does not melt the frost. I wonder if anyone has ever measured its R factor?

We got our booth set up fairly quickly, and when the day started, we were warmed by the sun and protected from the wind. But as the day wore on, the our booth moved into shadow, and the blinking wind changed direction. By early afternoon, Mary and I were wearing some of our inventory and cowering under blankets. Mary's DH also brought us a propane heater to keep our feet from going absolutely numb. We were definitely envying our alpacas and sheep, who hardly seem to bother about the cold.

On the upside, lots of people who had not intended to spend money this way, came by our booth and begged for hats and scarves just to survive the parade and tree lighting ceremony. Our booth was pretty well picked over by the end of the evening.

So that's it for craft fairs this year. And look - a whole 2.75 weeks till Christmas. Time to get the decorations down out of the attic.


  1. Y'all are adorable all bundled up!

    Also, Solly with a frosted coating!! Weird . . . and I love Moony's cheeky expression in that pic.

    I think we may be semi-decorating this weekend, too . . . if I can get motivated to move out from under my warm blanket!

  2. That's what I call committed! *;)

  3. Yes, diehard fiber artists! Congratulations on a fine ending... I wish we could get a break before Christmas; maybe next year.

  4. Yeah - it was the Snowflake-Boerne-(Thanksgiving)-Wylie series coming one on top of each other that did in my Christmas prep. There's still time. Christmas comes, regardless :-)


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