Meet Samson

Our second new Jacob sheep has a name! New shareholder, Liz, dubbed our little white-faced boy Samson, "because we keep him around for his hair!" Makes perfect sense. It also means I get to play Delilah, come spring, when that lovely fleece has to come off...

If you're in the vicinity of Wylie tomorrow (Saturday), come by the park right off of Highway 78 and see Mary Berry and me at the Wylie Arts Festival. There will be lots of Christmas stuff going on - a parade, Santa, local choir presentations, food, other artists' booths, etc. Should be big fun. And plenty cold enough to inspire people to buy our woolly accessories! Tis the season!


  1. if i can stop snuffling long enough, i would love to come.....where is it?

  2. There's a park in Wylie - the main street is Ballard going into town. If you take that, you'll find it. I'm guessing the whole main part of the town will be involved. Look for signs. I've never done this show before so I'll be using the Braille system myself ;-)

  3. Samson is a great name. Have fun at your show.

  4. That is a GREAT name! I can't wait to shear him this spring . . .


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