'Paca Gold - Available Now

Here's yet another way to share the magic of the farm - Naturally aged alpaca manure, ready to bag up and put in your garden! Bring your own bag, or use one of my recycled feed sacks. All you can get in a bag for $5. This is a steal. I'll even help you bag it!

Alpaca poo has a low, balanced NPK value, and so is safe to put straight on your beds. Over the winter it will begin to break down, and in the spring you'll be good to go. By then, even vegetables can be planted in it. This is the perfect fertilizer and conditioner for our heavy clay soil. Turn your hard packed beds into loamy joy!

This nutrition-packed, renewable resource needs to be covering the gardens of the metroplex. Make an appointment and I'll be here to help you with as many bags as you need. The weather is perfect, and will be for the next week or two, so the material will be dry and easy to bag. (Tell your friends!)


  1. Genius! I may bring a bag with me on Saturday!

  2. How much for a trailor load? I live near you I think and may be interested in a big load.

    1. Hi Mary - I don't think I can spare that much. You're welcome to several bags full if you'd like. My husband has designs on the bulk of it, and I'd be in big trouble if I gave it away! Give me a call to discuss: 214-284-9218.


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