Peace, Be Still

Busy day today: more last-minute shopping and doings for Christmas, a good workout at the gym, regular house and animal chores, and several hours of cleaning the studio for tomorrow's Spin-In and for a visit this evening from friends I hadn't seen in ages.

I think I'm already benefiting from my morning workouts. Today was fairly productive, though there were several moments in the studio cleaning part of the day where I almost sent up the white flag and quit. I had let that little job grow to behemoth proportions. But perseverence paid off, and the place is fairly presentable.

Several times today, in between strong attacks on the To Do List, I took short breaks and gave myself a breather. What a difference that makes. I enjoyed my coffee more than most days. And then when my friends came over for a cuppa in the Red Barn this evening, Smokey Cat went from lap to lap, spreading her feline peace and relaxation. Even my friend Carol, who is decidedly NOT a cat person, fell under Smokey's spell.

Today's lesson: take time to breathe and relax several times a day in the midst of this Christmas Crunch. You'll be glad you did.

Quick reminder: Tomorrow at 10 AM is our monthly spin-in (and Christmas "do"). I'll have Chicken Sponsor cards and Egg Lover cards if anyone is interested. I'll also have 'Paca Gold ready to load up if that is your need. And there'll be treats.


  1. I hate to miss this. Taking grandkids to big Christmas party. Still want some of that Paca gold though.

  2. Missed you, Kay, but glad you had some good family time! 'Paca Gold is here whenever you need it!


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