Snow Day, and a Happy Peek at Spring

Who would believe we'd see two snow days before January? The clouds moved in this afternoon and dropped a gentle sifting of light rain that turned to big sloppy snowflakes before it was all over. Don't you love how snow softens and silences the world?

The little spinach plants do fine under their snow coats, and I hope to have another batch for salad tomorrow. Must take advantage of Elizabeth's love of leaf cleaning before she heads home.

DD spent a couple of chilly minutes out in the snow, and when I walked by the truck on my way to the barn, I spied her creation on the tailgate: a snow shepherd with happy snow sheep. My kid is a keeper.

We spent a nice quiet day today; with the weather coming in there was no urge or need to get out. Barn chores went on as usual, though I'm giving Mordecai a penicillin shot for the next several days to make sure his injury doesn't get infected. Without anthropomorphizing, I think I can say that the sheep have been very affectionate and interested in being close to me the past couple of days. We're all coping and getting better.

The best medicine so far came in an e-mail from my Gulf Coast Native sheep breeder friend, Kim. She sent a photo of her first lamb of the season: a rare blue ram lamb. He is Eli's half brother, as Belle was the mother of both sheep.

I wrote Kim right back, congratulated her, and asked her to reserve us two little boy lambs, and to let me know the minute they are born.

Yay Spring.


  1. Bonitas fotos.

    Que mis mejores deseos te acompañen en el año que estrenamos esta noche.


  2. Postcard perfect . . . I love the red barn, the beautiful spinich hiding under the snow, your sweet girl's shepherd and sheep, and that gorgeous baby!!! Nothing like new life, is there?? Happy New Year to all!! 2010 is going to be perfect--I just know it!! xoxo


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