Time to Grow Again

Trying to pull out of the weariness of grief, I wandered to the garden this afternoon. I was wondering how our little spinach rows were doing since temperatures had gone below freezing many mornings in a row lately. Turns out, they're doing just fine.

They were sown pretty thickly, so I decided it was time to thin the plants and take the thinnings in for our first mini-harvest. Fortunately for me, my friend Elizabeth is visiting. Elizabeth loves nothing more than those little fussy, tedious jobs the rest of us hate. She sat down with my bowl of fresh spinach babies and nipped off the stringy roots. Then she carefully washed the sweet little leaves.

And we had one of the tastiest tiny spinach salads I've ever eaten. Out of my garden. I was so happy! The garden had been grossly neglected this year, save for DH's lonely tomatoes. How redeeming to produce this last-minute harvest at the tail end of the year. My heart was lifted.

As I get over our loss a little more, I hope to work on this project:

It's the little bit of fleece I was able to take from Esther. It is absolutely gorgeous. It's short, and there isn't much of it, but I hope to clean and card it and spin it into a little yarn. Then I'll find a little bookmark pattern or something like that, to make a memento of our beautiful Queen.

Looking ahead, I am planning a work day this coming Saturday, January 2, to get some of the fence fixed up and suitable for a potential livestock guardian dog. The alpaca pasture is closer to being ready for a dog, so we'll focus there first. I'm locking the sheep up at night now to keep them safer for the time being. Soon, we'll work on their pasture perimeter fence.

One step at a time.


  1. Wish I had space for a little garden. I rely on a tiny herb garden and pots for chard and lettuce here.
    Love that precious fleece.

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Hooray for spinach! And I'm glad you could save a bit of Esther's fleece. I'll hope for good sunny weather for this Saturday for you!

  3. What my best wishes accompany you in the year we opened.



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