What's Up With Chickens?

I got a question the other day about the status of the Brahma chicks we had been raising. As you will recall, they had started out in the house and then were moved to the outdoor brooder. I have been negligent in keeping you updated on their progress.

We encountered a timing problem, in which the chicks grew faster than their lodgings could be completed. They were getting terribly crowded in that horse trough on the back porch, and I began to fear that they would start picking on each other. Chickens can be the most savage bullies if they feel crowded. DH had been working on our new mobile chicken coop in the front yard since July, but it still wasn't quite ready for inhabitants. The chicks were caught in a squeeze play.

For their health and welfare, I sold them to my friend Cyndi D. down the road, who houses her chickens in a nice big cozy barn. I knew they would get good care there, and would have enough space to continue growing into the handsome pullets they were meant to be. It's been a couple of weeks since I've seen them and my intention today was to go by and take a few pictures for you to see. But, you know about the best laid plans of mice and men... that didn't get done today. I'll try again tomorrow.

But I did take some pictures of the "Coop De Ville" that now lives in the south pasture, and is very close to being finished. I decided that in the spring we could either start another batch of chicks when the weather is more favorable, or we could get some pullets that are just reaching laying age. That way, we don't have to tote food and water to chicks all winter, and we won't lose any time waiting for them to grow up. We're all anxious for egg production to kick in again.

So what do you think of the Coop? I sometimes call it the Silver Bullet. Or Fort Knox. It should keep out the most pernicious of predators!


  1. Whatever works to get those chickens happy and laying and SAFE. Very cool fortress.

  2. Fort Telisak is lookin' buff! AND I MISS THE FARM...


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