Wintry Morning

Got another nice taste this morning of winter to come. But it was still and peaceful out, and not at all unpleasant, working with the fiber kids. I think they actually enjoy this weather. Here's a few photos of our feeding/scritching/mind-melding time together.

Thin ice on the water buckets.

Jethro sorts through the hay feeder.

The big boys eat straight out of the shed.
That saves me hauling it to the barn.

Sweet Boaz allows me to touch his face and his back from time to time.

Jonah keeps his legs warm by tucking them up under his very thick coat.

Esther and Itzhak enjoy breakfast together.
She is finally much less tentative around me. ;-)

Of course, Shadrach just wants to know if I have any treats,
and would I give him an extended ear rub, please.


  1. How sweet they are. I love 'em!! Have fun tomorrow--maybe I'll see you after the NM-Adolphus Christmas parade. xoxo

  2. I'd love to see you, Mary! Bring cocoa!!

  3. Have a super fun time!!


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