Chickens in the House

Everywhere you look in my house,
you see evidence of chickens.

DD made this in an art class when she was five.

A friend bought me these little hens in an antique shop.

I painted this guy from a photo on the cover of
Countryside Magazine, many years ago.

Feathers are too pretty to waste on the ground.
I bring them inside.
Chickens are the bomb.


  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Cute. Love the art piece! Wait until you see my egg scale! Just couldn't pass it up! This weekend Ge'mar and I will be working in the barn to expand our chicken area. Those young chicks I bought have pretty much outgrown my A-frame coop and need some space to roam, but they're not big enough to go in with the big guys. Chickens are more fun to watch than television!

  2. I have a fun scale, too, Mary. Got it on eBay. You can barely see it behind the little ceramic hens in the picture above. I'll show it to you next time you're over.

  3. Wow - you are a great artist! Many layers of Cindy.

  4. We must be related.... *;)

  5. Yay, Chickens!
    I can't wait to meet "my" chicken this weekend, and hopefully get some eggs if you have 'em.
    And I love to watch Chicken TV -- better than cable.

  6. Hey Chris - I have your certificate, too. Glad to hear you'll be with us Saturday! I do have eggs!


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