Dead Battery: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Looks like I'll be spending the day around the homestead tomorrow. Sweet. DH tried to fix the battery on the truck this evening, but a piece broke and now the old Ford is dead in the water for the near future. That means I have to hang around here and accomplish stuff.

I know you're concerned about the alpaca boys, so let me say right off that they got their shots tonight, and I expect to see full recovery tomorrow. They were pretty much well today, and the vitamins should only help them get stronger. I want to see them at their best before the blue norther blows in Thursday evening. I'm stocked up on feed and (clean) hay, and am grateful for weather forecasters who give us a healthy heads up before bad weather hits.

Tomorrow I'll be filling stalls with hay bedding, plugging gaps in the barn that would let in the awful north wind, and making coats for the two little alpacas. That dense, drapy fiber coat the suris wear just doesn't seem like it would hold in the heat like the fluffy huacaya fleeces do. So I'll be doing a little sewing tomorrow. Great day to keep the tea kettle hot, don't you think?


  1. Yeah! [Doing a little alpaca happy dance.] So glad the buys are getting better.

    Sometimes I have to love car problems. It is a cladtight alibi to stay home and get stuff done [important stuff like spinning the JR alpaca roving or starting that new scarf you put on hold because you had to make Christmas presents first.}

  2. I WISH I could be spinning or knitting - my to-do list before the cold is kind of long and this allows me to get it done at an easy pace, rather than rushing around at the last minute.

    I also have on my list to put out another podcast episode. Let's see if I can get that done!

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Glad we're out of the woods as far as the alpaca health is concerned! Stay warm!

  4. I am home today, also. Ray took the car to work -- I ran errands yesterday so I could hole up for the blue norther coming our way.

    Jumping with joy over the good news about da boys' rapid response to the Thiamine treatment. Way to go, Cindy, and God bless everyone who helped one way or another in caring for them during this health crisis. My heart is filled with gratitude for the outpouring of love we all shared. Your plan of action for today sounds excellent and I hope all the weatherizing chores go smoothly. Sending a big, warm hug to sew into the blankies.

    Please tell Ted I am in his corner for the battery wrestling contest. Although he lost the first round (on a technicality), I am confident he will emerge victorious at the final bell.

    I am with you in spirit as I put on the kettle. AuntiE

  5. PS I tried to add a profile picture to my previous comment but it didn't upload. Any technical advice? Thanks sweetie, AuntiE

  6. Thanks for all the love, Elizabeth. I think you have to put your picture in your Google profile and then it will show up when you comment. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

    E-- you left something here that's important. I found it buried under all the junk on the kitchen table. I'll mail it to you. ;-)

  7. Being holed up isn't all so bad. I'm tucked in today with a strained back (too much picking up DGD and shouldn't have lifted that box of starter logs yesterday--darn!) and DH is out of town . . . so I'm making a dent in the WIPs strewn about my craft room! Yikes.

    Cheers of thanksgiving--I'm so happy the boys are doing better. Wish I could come and hug on them--keep them warm.



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