Fiber-Growing Weather

I don't have scientific evidence for this, but it's my belief that this frigid weather encourages thick, soft, warm fiber to literally pop out on our alpacas and sheep. And if that's true, we're in for an awesome harvest come spring.

As the guys chew their cuds in the lea of the biting wind, I picture the little fiber follicles working overtime to provide another centimeter or two of cozy goodness for their hosts. And once the fiber grows long and super-insulating, spring weather arrives, and the boys are through with it. By that time, they're happy to have us shear it off for our own use.

After I fill up our sweet ruminants with heat-producing hay to eat, they settle down, cover their legs with their lofty coats, and grow more fiber. Not much else to do when it's this cold, and besides, that's their job. You can be proud that our fiber guys have a great work ethic.


  1. So cute - their work ethic! Love that.

  2. You should have a bumper crop this year! Love those happy boys snuggled down in their blankets. What cuties!!! AuntiE

  3. They sure don't seem to care if all that grass gets stuck in their fine bumper crop. grrrr But, they are working hard!

  4. They are so cute and look so warm. Grow, grow, grow.

  5. Hey, it makes sense to me that they would grow more fiber in colder years . . .


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