Getting the Word Out

The new Allen Image hit mailboxes today, and almost immediately, I got a couple of calls and e-mails, inquiring about visiting the farm. It's a delight to be able to show people the wonders of the farm and all it offers: fuzzy chins to scratch, eggs to gather, fiber to fondle and dirt to work. These are the things that drew me out of the suburbs; what an incredible honor it is to get to stay and steward the land. Many thanks to Peggy Helmick-Richardson for making the article such a lovely invitation to come and see!

Had to show you the latest picture of Judah and his sheep. Today, with no coercion, the sheep and the guard dog have bedded down together in the open hut. This is the first time the sheep have not been locked up for the night since the coyotes attacked a month ago. What a relief. Every once in a while, we hear Judah's deep, serious bark - a warning to any would-be predators, that this area is off limits. This noble dog is worth his weight in gold.


  1. I had chill bumps reading about sweet Judah doing his job. Love him.

  2. I'm so excited to hear that you are already getting responses--get ready for more chickens and maybe a red barn enlargement! Please set aside one of those egg cards for me before you run out!

    And Yeah Judah! I'm just disappointed that he got there too late to be included in the article! He is well-deserving of some praise.

  3. Sheesh, I'm glad I was quick to sponsor a chicken (and be first in line for eggs) -- you're going to be selling eggs like gangbusters pretty soon!

    So glad Judah seems to be "part of the flock" now!

  4. Finally, someone in this family is a cover girl! Beautiful shot. Any chances you have extra copies to share? I'd love to see it. Aloha *;)


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