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I met an avalanche of snowy white dogs today, as I visited the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue foster mom, Susie. There were at least seven rescue Pyrs in her pasture with the goats, her own guard Pyrs, and her eclectic collection of pet dogs as well. Every one of them was as sweet as the day is long. They all, for the most part, get along with goats, cats, chickens, geese, cows, and each other. Very cool.

Most of them came up to greet us, but a couple stayed back in the treed pasture with their charges. One of those was a boy named Sundance. Sundance had chased a squirrel and was keeping it up in the tree where it belonged. He didn't come to greet us, but wagged his tail as we approached.
Once we were within arm's reach, he asked to be petted.
A lot.

And then he went down on his back
and begged for belly rubs.
A lot.

He parked at my feet and insisted on more scritches.
Must I say it? I'm in love.

In spite of his silliness with us, Susie says he is a ferocious protector of "his" flock, and will guard them with all he has.

The next step in the adoption process is the Home Visit. Susie will come out and help us determine if our place is dog-appropriate.

Which brings me to the second half of the day - my visit with friend Bennett, who will help us get the creek side of the sheep paddock tightened up.

I'm excited about the way we've decided to approach it - we'll push the fence toward the creek a couple of feet, gain some real estate, and stay out of the treeline. The nice thing about this is that we won't have to disturb the current fence until we're finished, and the sheep won't be disrupted in their routine. When the new fence is finished, we'll tear out the old one. That will be a happy day.

The sheep kept a good eye on Bennett as he staked and measured.

I think this will be a wonderful, strong, affordable defense against our predator issues. These improvements will also set us up to go ahead with the far north pasture when resources permit.

Thank you Susie and Bennett for helping the Farm become an even better place to be a happy sheep!


  1. Cindy, I am so excited that the fence improvements are getting underway. Sundance looks like a wonderful guard dog and my prayers are with you as you work to keep all the critters safe. AuntiE

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    LOOK at all those beautiful dogs! How does Susie the rescue mom stand to let any of them go!?? Looks like you've found a keeper, and are well on the way to bringing him home to keep the coyotes at bay! Don't you love it when a plan comes together!!!??

  3. Looks like a great day for the Farm! Lots of steps in the right direction. I know the sheep will appreciate a guard and a securely fenced area to graze in. The coyotes better find a new place to hunt with Sundance the new Sheriff in town!

  4. Thanks to the Giver of all Goodness! There is nothing on earth like a breakthrough! Gorgeous dogs. Sundance, huh... and Bennett just rocks.

  5. What a fantastic day it was!! Bennett rocks, Sundance rocks, Cindy, you rock!! Way to make it happen, girl!! xoxo

  6. Rebecca8:34 AM

    I am sure that Bennett has never had such an attentive and interested audience before! I am so glad that they will be getting a nice new fence.

  7. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I am so glad that you have a guard dog and that your fence is getting fixed. That will mean peace of mind for both you and the sheep.

  8. Sending a psychic belly rub to Sundance and a big thanks to Bennett and Susie for all their hard work! Can't wait to see Sundance on patrol.


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