I'll be the Judge of That

I've just wrapped up my fourth year as a Spin-Off Judge for our regional alpaca organization's big yearly show. The TxOLAN (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico) Alpaca Spectacular will take place in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Coliseum in two weeks, February 12-14. The winners we chose will be displayed with their ribbons during the actual show.

The Spin-Off gives breeders a chance to have their fleeces evaluated from a hand spinner's perspective. My friend Rita and I received 100 fiber samples from around the region. Our job was to rate every sample in several areas, and to spin a portion of each sample to see how the process and resulting yarn stacked up against the competition. As usual, we got to touch and spin some incredible fiber. When we go to the show in two weeks, we'll get to see the winners' pictures with their ribbons. I love to see the fiber matched up with the animal who grew it--as judges, we never have that information ahead of time. Terribly impartial, us.

If you have any interest in alpacas, I'd invite you to Ft. Worth for the show. You've never seen so much cuddly goodness in one place--every size and shape of alpaca you can imagine. You can speak to breeders, watch confirmation or halter shows, visit vendors with alpaca supplies or fiber products, and more. No joke - fun for the whole family.


  1. SOOOOOO proud of you for finishing ! ON TIME! You are becoming the guru of alpaca, my dear! The yarn looks really nice, too.


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