It's a Boy! And Another Boy!

Our new babies were born today! Twin ram lambs were born to Gulf Coast Native ewe, Dotty, down in Bedias, Texas this morning. Our breeder friend, Kim, sent me pictures right away because she knows we were anxiously waiting to hear.

I'll be contacting the next two eligible shareholders for names for these two little imps, and I'll keep you updated on that process. I'll also be after Kim for pictures of the boys as they grow.

Pray for their safety as they mature, and for Kim's whole flock, of course. According to Kim, they'll be ready to come home around mid April, so as that time approaches I'll be planning a road trip. Wanna come?


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Very pretty (I guess it's okay to call a boy pretty when they're babies)!

  2. Congratulations, Mom!!!! What sweeties. AuntiE

  3. Just did a little digging through last year's e-mails from Kim. Sure enough, Dotty is Mordecai's mom, so these boys are his half-brothers! Keeping it all in the family!

  4. Oooooh, they are ADORABLE!!!!

    Put me down as a tentative road-tripper . . . B's birthday is mid-april, so it depends on exactly when, but yeah! I'd love to get in on that!


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