Jacob's Reward Home for Wayward Skeins

My friend Susie of Juniper Moon Farm in Virginia - the one who taught me just about everything I know about fiber farming - posted a really cool sale on some of her yarns. These skeins are the dribs and drabs left over after a couple of retail seasons, and there aren't enough skeins of any one color to make a large project. So the "widows and orphans," chosen completely at random, went out at a discount.

It goes without saying that I needed to have some. Why would one fiber farmer buy yarn from another fiber farmer, I hear you ask? Please...

1) These are ORPHANS, did I mention that? They need HOMES!
2) Susie has awesome sheep, fiber, and yarns,
3) Who doesn't like a colorful surprise, and
4) You can never have too much yarn (duh).

So here they came in today's mail. (Barely suppressed squeal.) And here they are:

Interesting colors, yes? Will they go together or should they be used separately?

I spent about $5 at KnitPicks for this tool called a Teleidoscope, often used by quilters, to see color blocks mixed together in geometric shapes.

This gives the eye a preview of what those colors might look like worked together in a project. What do you think? Could this work?

All the skeins are about the same weight, except the purple - it's bulkier. Maybe that will have to be its own thing. Been kind of itching to make a hat....


  1. Beautiful! I totally think that they go together!

  2. I like the colores but the combo to me looks kind of "granny esque" !!!
    I really love the red one! pretty pretty

  3. Reminds me of calico material... love it! *;)

  4. Ooo . . . I love them together. Hmmmm . . . now, what to make???? The dark purple is the same yarn Erin is using for her scarf--it's soooo pretty. I'm really proud that I resisted. Yesterday I knit a little pair of woolie socks for Rowan (pink of course), finished a pair of socks for me (YAY), and finished up the hand warmers for DSIN (his Christmas present that I didn't complete in time). So I'll cheer you on, but I'm glad my stash is decreasing some. LOL xoxo

  5. Cindy, I like these colors together -- what a neat little piece of equipment! My response may be influenced by my granny age status; maybe you need to ask The Kid (my dearest Goddaughter, Emma). AuntiE


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