Lamb Update

Kim sent updated pictures of the new lambs the other day. With Judah's arrival, these shots got pushed to the back burner. But it's time to show you how our two new boys are growing!

Isaiah and Nathan will be weaned and ready to come to the farm in mid-April, and will be introduced to their new flock. These boys are Mordecai's half brothers, and Kim says they are really tall - she can't believe they are twins, which are usually much smaller than single lambs. That's great! She also has high hopes for their fleeces, because their sire has such a nice wool quality. Kim also reports that they are sweet, mellow boys who are pretty friendly. Bonus.

Here at the farm today Judah got a lot closer to the sheep. When the rain moved in, I encouraged the sheep to go into their hut and then got Judah to go in with them. Then I shut the gate. He was happy to lay down toward the front of the hut, while the sheep stood frozen, staring at him, from the back of the hut. I knew they'd have to relax sooner or later. Fortunately, it was sooner. Before too long, they were all lying down in hay. They've been there most of the day because of the heavy rain, had their dinners in there, and will stay there over night. The rain is forecast to quit around 10 AM. I'm sure everyone in the hut will be ready for a break by then.

Nobody around here is a fan of prolonged, heavy rain. Big sigh.


  1. I can just picture the sheep lying down and chewing their cud while Judah was keeping watch at the gate. Wish I was there to see them in person. AuntiE

  2. That's fantastic. I can't wait to see Judah--he looks so calm and gentle. Can't wait!! The lambs are adorable!!!

  3. Love the innocence of the lamb boys.

  4. Aw!!! I didn't know you were getting more sheep! Congrats! They are ADORABLE!

  5. Well, I hadn't planned on it until we had our predator loss. No one will replace Eli and Esther, but at least we'll have more fleece growing in the pasture. And who can resist spring lambs??? ;-)

  6. Can I get dibs on cuddle sessions--for both lambs and Judah? Judah is so elegant in a good dog sorta way, and those babies--ADORABLE!


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