Flying Orange Clay Disks Fear Me

I collect competencies like some people collect trading cards. I think you just can't know how to do too many things. One thing I learned to do was shoot a shotgun and bring home dinner if I needed to. Only, I was 12 when I learned it, and my skills were getting a little rusty. After Sunday's coyote/dog attack on the flock, I got a bit more motivated to brush up my shooting skills. DH was very happy to hear he'd have some enthusiastic company for a day at the range.

We had a lot of fun, and I did better than I expected. I think DH was surprised, and that's always worth a day's outing. I blew several skeets to smithereens. Very satisfying.

What surprised both of us was how good DD was! A tribute to the ancillary benefits of playing hours of Wii games.

But the biggest surprise of all was our own sweet kitten-loving Auntie Elizabeth suiting up to shoot the gun. She didn't hit anything, but I think you'd agree she has the attitude and the look going on.

Make her day.


  1. Daddy'd be proud! *;)

  2. Yay, Aunt Elizabeth. I think I met her, and she's such a sweet thing. Boy, did she fool me.

    And yay for you boning up on your shooting skills! Can't wait to read the headlines next time any predators come around!!!


  3. You go girls!!!!


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