We've been approved! The Great Pyr foster mom has approved our application to adopt Mr. Sundance, and I hope to bring him home to the farm tomorrow morning. Still thinking about changing his name, though I haven't settled on what that will be. But the important thing is that our sheep will be safer, soon. And I'll have a new co-shepherd in the pasture 24/7.

And the fence project is moving along. Bennett marked the spots for the post holes to be dug, and I'm in contact with a guy with a tractor-powered auger. Things are moving. We need the weather to cooperate - it might rain, and will probably get kind of cold again towards the end of the week.

One step at a time. In a month or two, we'll look back on this big project and smile at the progress we're enjoying, and the improvements we've made. I think I'll start enjoying it now, in advance. Ahhhh.


  1. I know I'm not a shareholder, but have you thought about David for a name? My favorite Bible shepherd. *;)

  2. I actually did think of that, Karelin, and I'm still considering it. It just sounds so much like a person's name... I'm also considering Joshua... just can't decide...


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