Puppy Love

I'll say it flat out. I'm smitten. This lovely white dog is the answer to my prayers. He has been here only four and a half days, and so far, I can't find a flaw. He's great with people, he's kind to the sheep, he hasn't made any attempt to get out of his little paddock... will the other shoe drop? No sign of it so far.

Tonight, it's 25 degrees with a good breeze, but he has stationed himself on the highest point in the paddock (maybe 3 inches higher than anywhere else) and is taking his shift. Peering and sniffing into the darkness, he gives the neighborhood an occasional generalized woof-ing, on principle.

The sheep have retired to their hut to sleep or chew, out of the wind, in perfect peace.

I continue to try to wrap my mind around the hardwired instincts of this breed to carry out the duties of a powerful protector. I'm amazed. I wish I had done this for myself and for my flock years ago. But let's not worry about the past. The future looks like a million bucks.

Check out our big lug from earlier today:

This boy is death to coyotes and other varmints, but sure does love his momma! Judah, where have you been all my life?


  1. What a noble creature. And let's not forget, rescue dogs are greatful and want to do their jobs. He loves you for giving him that chance.

  2. make that grateful. not enough coffee yet.

  3. What a beautiful dog! We rescued a shepherd mix a few months ago, and it has been a wonderful experience. What breed is he?

  4. My brother has a Great P on his ranch out near Sweetwater. They are such wonderful, loyal dogs. "Stinky" is great at keeping the coyotes away from their newborn livestock. Although not much messes with a mamma Longhorn. Let's hope your new 'family member' will bring you peace.

  5. Cindy, his sweetness just blows me away!!! What a treasure. Praise God for such awesome blessings!!!

  6. He looks soooo sweet! And sounds like he does his job awesomely well. So glad everything worked out for you guys!


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