Yesterday, I was all about insulation--keeping the warm in. A big cold front is scheduled to blow through this morning, and I do mean blow. Lots of wind. Since I was stuck without a car, I was able to hang around the farm and work on protecting warmness.

First job - block the wind from blowing into the barn.

Next, plug the holes and add deep bedding.

Shadrach investigates his new insulation - and has some for dinner.

The suris need a little more protection from the wind and elements. I started two coats yesterday afternoon, and finished about midnight. Like that snappy (clearance) fleece lining? My sewing skills are pretty rudimentary, but I'm happy with the way the coats came out.

Finished just in time for a warm snuggly night's sleep. And the alpacas will probably sleep better, too.


  1. Those coats look great. Will we be seeing them on Etsy? You may be on to something... *;)

  2. I thought about that, Karelin, but they were a pain in the patoot. I'm not really interested in making a side-line of this project. I have a good pattern, though, if anybody needs it!

  3. Terri7:10 AM

    Ahhh, what a good mommy you are!!

  4. Ditto on the coats. The alpaca community would love them. I bet it was a pain though with the thickness and the belting etc. Glad the boys are better.

  5. OK - I'll admit it, I broke 4 needles in the last hour of sewing. That webbing was tough and I was so nervous about getting it straight and smooth. The layers weren't as bad to work with as I had feared, and it was fun engineering the coats from the ground up.

    Best part? The boys still had them on and in place this morning! Woohoo!

  6. You are such a good alpaca / sheep mommy.

  7. The coats are fabulous! See the alpaca's smiling in the picture? They like them too.

  8. Great JOB, Kind Shepherd!


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